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 ​Chapter 3
SINCE 2020


And then Covid hit. And covidrama started, infiltrating our daily lives.

It was an opportunity to figure out my next move.

And it turned into moves. Plural.



After meaningful years of agency experience, keeping up with creative concepts supporting human health was a rather easy decision, powered by a thorough knowledge of the industry.

Message de Luxe

message de luxe

Turning my obsession for cards and stickers into an actual stationery brand just happened, one day

I learnt about letterpress printing in Amsterdam, with the wonderful Thomas Gravemaker, and created a line of handmade cards... with a secret inside.

The Sticker Post

the sticker post

It came to my attention that the thousands of stickers I photographed on streets around the world - as in it's obsessional - were waiting to be shared with others since it's their actual purpose in life. That's why I'm creating The Sticker Post, a newspaper showcasing stickers seen around our streets. It's meant to elevate their voice and explore their intentions. 

Coming in 2022

The Sticker Post - In Streets We Trust | Coming in 2022
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